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Malawi – Centre for Social Concern (CFSC)

About the Institute

The Centre for Social Concern (CFSC) belongs and administered by the Missionaries of Africa in Malawi. It was founded in 2002. The Society of Missionaries of Africa, out of their charisms inspired by their founder, Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, have always and increasingly put greater stress on the link between Mission and Justice and Peace, Mission and the Integrity of Creation, Mission and Dialogue. The chapter of 1998 speaking in the language of its objectives and planning, proposed to all the members that they should integrate Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) as an essential dimension of their lives as missionaries, and promote Dialogue and Encounter with those who are of different religions and denominations respectively.

Since there was an increasing tendency of fundamentalism among mainline religious groups, both in Malawi as well as at the global level, especially after the September 11, 2001 attack, thus deeming the normal 'dialogue of life' insufficient with the increasing of religious prejudice, Missionaries of Africa in Malawi decided to have this Centre for Social Concern. The perspective was that a greater effort needed to be made to tackle prejudice and promote greater religious tolerance. The method followed was to do first, a fairly in-depth appraisal (fact-finding strategy) to find out what is happening in a specific area, and secondly, based on that to start some interventions, which would lead to greater tolerance among the people of Malawi; hence, the establishment of the Centre for Social Concern (CFSC).



As a faith-based organisation, the centre facilitates critical reflection and action on issues of social concern, through research, advocacy and networking, inspired and road-mapped by the Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

In order to realise its mission in a systematic and synthetic way, the centre has different departments, namely:

  • Administration and Accounts
  • Economic Governance
  • Inter-religious Dialogue (IRD)
  • Rural Basic Needs Baskets (RBNB)
  • Urban Basic Needs Baskets (UBNB)
  • Gender Main Stream
  • Library
  • Communication

It is to assure that every person has equitable access to resources and opportunities, enjoys their rights justly and responsibly and leads a life of dignity in solidarity with others while preserving the environment, the integrity of creation. Making sure that co-existence becomes a reality in Malawi.


Partner of Network Pastoral Africa

Our participation in Network Pastoral Africa helps us not only to learn from others in the aspects of pastoral activities and their management in different contexts, but also to strengthen the bond which exists in the Church as we are all working for the same purpose to making the world a better to live, whereby human dignity is respected and God's given gift of life is kept sacred.


Fr. Jos Kuppens, (Director)

Foto: CFSC
Foto: CFSC
The Centre for Social Concern, Malawi
Foto: James Ngahy
Fr. James Ngahy, Director

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