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Mali – Institut de Formation Islamo-Chrétienne

About the Institute

The “Institut de Formation Islamo-Chrétienne” (I.F.IC) is located at Hamdallaye in Bamako, Mali, West Africa; it is an initiative of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (white fathers) and was created in October 2007 in Bamako.



The mission of this institute is that of “Training trainers to interreligious dialogue” especially dialogue with Muslims. It stems from the PISAI (Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies) in Rome.



I.F.I.C gives an academic programme of 8 months called “Islam and Christian Reflection”. From mid-October to mid-June, 480 hours of courses are given by a specialised teaching staff, all trained at PISAI and experienced missionaries.

The teaching programme is built around two main axis, that is Islamology and Christian Reflection. The first axis gives an objective knowledge of Islam and of Muslim lived realities. The second axis is first of all a more general initiation to Christian approach to other religions, then it is a more specific reflexion on every point of the doctrine and praxis of Islam and the consequences that one may draw from that to enhance pastoral commitments in majority Muslim milieu.

I.F.I.C. is at the service of the whole of French speaking Africa and its programme’s beneficiaries are those who are destined to be trainers to islamo-christian encounter. These are mainly priests, sisters, religious, pastors of different Christian denominations, lay church members who hold responsibilities in their communities, members of diocesan and national interreligious dialogue commissions, teacher and leaders of catholic lay movements; people who live and work in contact with Muslims.


Fr. Adrien Mamadou Sawadogo (Former Director)


Foto: Institut de formation Islamo-Chrétienne
Institut de formation Islamo-Chrétienne in Mali
Foto: Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou
Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, Director

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