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About the Institute

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation is a non-profit founded by Revd Dr George Omaku Ehusani and registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, January 06, 2006, with its board members drawn from various disciplines.

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation is a multiple resource outfit and training facility whose purpose is to expose leaders and potential leaders to the dynamics of purposeful, visionary, transformative and inspiring servant leadership.

In answer to the violent activities of Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, the Foundation mounted an Inter-Faith Activity and Partnership for Peace (IFAPP) platform in partnership with the Islamic Education Trust (IET) to provide a robust public discussion and discourse on how to change religious hate narrative in Nigeria. This initiative attracted other interfaith partnership activities with local and international stakeholders.



We want Nigeria being transformed into a nation of integrity, peace and progress through the emergence of effective, purpose-driven servant leaders at all levels and in all sectors, including the political, the religious and the corporate.

We are committed to the formation and transformation of men and women who are leaders, or who are aspiring to leadership in the community, or in the corporate, religious and public sectors, to be leaders of character and effective agents of change in the society.

We continually source for highly qualified expert resource persons for our short term courses, Workshops and Seminars on Leadership and Management issues. We host such other activities, and deploy such other resources as necessary for the training and motivation of present and future leaders and in effective and purpose-driven leadership.



The Psycho-Spiritual Institute (PSI) was established in 2012 by the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, in collaboration with missio Aachen, with the aim of training and graduating experts in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Christian Counselling for English-Speaking African Countries, who now and again suffer emotional and psychological problems. PSI offer pastoral agents two years training in psychology, Christian spirituality and African methods of addressing emotional and spiritual problems. PSI is located in Nairobi, Kenya and affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). The two year course leads to Masters of Arts in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Counselling.

The Foundation offers professional courses with certification from Varitas University Abuja and Trauma Healing Certificate course with Nasarawa State University, respectively.

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, with support from Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA zivik), runs series of high-quality intervention courses on trauma healing for trainee-trainers drawn from emergency management agencies, the health and social care workforce, school teachers, non-governmental organizations, and community and religious leaders. The aim is to provide and expand a large reservoir of professionals, care givers and volunteers who intervene, provide first-aid and support traumatised victims of insurgencies, various forms of conflicts and natural disasters in Nigeria.


Partner of Network Pastoral Africa

Lux Terra Leadership is partnerships with and collaborates with Network Pastoral Africa (missio), Globethics.Net, Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA zivik), Islamic Education Trust (IET) & Development Institute of Africa (DIWA).


Fr. Dr. Dominic Adeiza (Director)


Foto: Lux Terra
Foto: Lux Terra
Foto: Lux Terra
Lux Terra Leadership Foundation
Foto: Dominic Adeiza
Dominic Adeiza, Director

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