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Tansania – Lumen Christi Institute (LCI)

About the Institute

Lumen Christi Institute (LCI), Arusha, Tanzania is a mission institute of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales (MSFS). The MSFS Congregation (also known as Fransalians) was founded by Servant of God Fr. Peter Marie Mermier at Annecy, France in 1838. The main thrust of our charism is pioneering evangelization through parish missions, social work, formal and non-formal education, vocational education, running orphanages, dispensaries, and youth ministry. The Extra-Ordinary General Chapter of the Congregation in 2003, reflecting on the increasing number of new MSFS foundations and the impact of such a widespread presence of the Congregation in the African continent, envisioned the establishment of a Mission Institute in Africa as a common venture of the entire Congregation, which includes a department of Philosophy and a centre for Pastoral Animation and Social Work for the whole of Africa, under the direct jurisdiction of the Superior General. Accordingly the Lumen Christi Institute, situated in Maji ya Chai village in Arumeru district of Arusha Region of Tanzania started functioning, offering various courses from September 2010.



LCI looks forward to strengthen and expand the existing catechetical programs and the spiritual renewal and leadership programs for the laity and religious. We also hope to conduct more lay empowerment programs which will provide training for laity in their specific areas and vocations.



The Institute at present, runs the following seven programs:

  • Centre for Training Lay Leaders and Catechists in Faith Formation
  • Centre for the Ongoing Formation of priests, Religious women and men and lay-leaders
  • Centre for the Training of Community Trainers for the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Formation House for the MSFS Scholastics with a three-year long degree programme of Philosophy, which is open to other students
  • Dispensary for the poor people in the villages in and around Maji ya Chai
  • Re-sitting school for drop-outs or failed students from the regular schools
  • Secondary School

The Bachelor of Philosophy (three year course) was started in 2010 for the seminarians, in the MSFS Formation House. There are 60 seminarians in the current academic year of 2018-2019. This course at the Lumen Christi Institute is affiliated to De Sales University, PA, USA. Since 2010, the Institute conducts ongoing formation programmes for lay-leaders in counselling skills for the HIV/AIDS prevention and to equip them in leadership roles for community development oriented projects and programmes. From 2012 onwards, the Institute is conducting regularly diploma course, for instance:

  • Catechetics
  • Seminars on Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Seminars for priests and religious
  • Seminars on Inter-religious dialogue
  • Seminars for teachers and couples
  • Bible course
  • Retreats
  • Spiritual renewal programmes for youth
  • Seminars for youths in the neighbouring secondary schools and parishes
  • Intensive Swahili language course with mission orientation for priests and religious who come to Tanzania

In 2014, the Institute opened a dispensary in the campus to cater to the primary health needs of the people in and around Maji ya Chai village. In 2015, the Institute has begun a one-year course for Formators (Diploma in Religious Formation and Spirituality). There are 20 participants in the current academic year. In 2018, a re-sitting school and a secondary School were opened in the campus.


Partner of Network Pastoral Africa

Participation in the Network Pastoral Africa, sponsored by missio, opens avenues of learning from and sharing with other pastoral institutes about the ever-growing and changing challenges of effective pastoral ministry, missionary work and evangelization in the context of Africa. We look forward with hope and confidence to be partners in facing these challenges.


Fr. Dr. Thomas Kochalumchuvattil MSFS (Director)


Foto: LCI
Lumen Christi Institute (LCI) in Tansania
Foto: Thomas Kochalumchuvattil
Thomas Kochalumchuvattil, Director

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