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Togo – Institut de Pédagogie Religieuse Saint Paul de Lomé (ISP)

About the Institute

The Religious Pedagogical Institute of Lomé was founded 1988 by late Father Dieter Skweres, a German Missionary of the Society of Divine Word (SVD). Commonly called Institute Saint Paul (ISP), this Institute was created on behalf of the Archbishop Casmir Tonyuie Dosseh-Anyron for the Archdiocese of Lomé.



The Saint Paul Institute (ISP) has two main goals:

  • The Students should learn a personal deepening of their faith and a spiritual self-reliance.
  • The Students should acquire the necessary ability of leadership as good Christians and citizens in Church and Society: as group leaders, animation of parish activities and social engagement.



Saint Paul Institute wants to propose to the lay people, Religious Brothers and Sisters a genuine theological and human formation by empowering their capacity. To achieve this purpose many courses are provided, for instance:

  • Biblical,
  • Dogmatic,
  • Moral courses
  • Spiritual initiation
  • Exercises of practical skills in view of pastoral animation

In October 2018 Saint Paul celebrated its 30th jubilee. Currently, many activities are being hold. After 30 years, the administration is working on reforms of the programme and the visions of the ISP.


Fr. Dr. Jean Prosper Agbagnon SVD, (Director)

Foto: ISP
Foto: ISP
Institut de Pédagogie Religieuse Saint Paul de Lomé (ISP)
Foto: ISP

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