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Malaysia – Majodi - Mission Pastoral Institute

About the Institute

The Mission Pastoral Institute (MPI) is an initiative of the Malacca Johore Diocese. Its origin dates back to 2001 when it was first set-up as a pastoral secretariat for the diocese to coordinate the ministries and offer formation programs.



In 2019, in line with the call of Pope Francis that mission should become paradigmatic for all activities of the Church (EG15), Bishop Bernard Paul re-christened it the Mission Pastoral Institute.

As a missionary institute, the MPI will have to bring forth the mission dimension of being and becoming Church in Malacca Johore through local and national research, publications, dialogue & public events, social-pastoral projects & formation. In addition, it coordinates and orientates all ministries in this spirit of mission.

To help the MPI develop its above mandate, some essential steps and phases of development are envisaged.



  • Localising Church (Local & National Church Research Programme)/ Language & Parish Assemblies / Strengthening Ministries
  • Localising Laudato Si (Promoting Integral Ecology -- Ecology Policy Action—Wisdom of Indigenous peoples – Collective Existence)
  • Localising Education for Fraternal Humanism (Education Policy Action--Collective Coexistence – Inter Faith, Ecumenical, and Poverty gaps)
  • Localising Research (Participatory Action Research on Key Diocese Issues -- Research, Policy Action and Collective Coexistence)


Charles Bertille (Director)

Foto: Majodi
Majodi - Mission Pastoral Institute, Building
Foto: Majodi
Majodi - Mission Pastoral Institute, Fountain
Foto: Charles Bertille
Charles Bertille, Director

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